April 7, 2018 Oklahoma City



APRIL 7, 2018

Breakfast was served at 9:00 a.m. and President Mel Volmert called the meeting to order at 9:25 a.m.  Members, alternates and guests attending were President Mel Volmert, Vice President Jim Masilamani, Secretary/Treasurer Phyllis Harlan, Joan Thorne, Susan Swanson, Kevin Glasgow, Bob Gromatka, Robert Weaver, Warren Smith, Marilyn LaFleur, Henry Robin, Susan Urich, and Len Fettig.

It was determined that a quorum was present.  The minutes of the meeting held in Mulvane, Kansas were approved.

The Kansas City Regional report was presented which showed attendance of 1,065.5 tables and a profit of $8,536.12.  The profit will increase by $53.28 as the report reflected a District table fee of $ .45/table when the fee is only $.40/table.

The Wichita (Mulvane) Regional report was given orally.  The board requested that this report be presented in written form at the next board meeting.

Phyllis Harlan presented the District 15 Financial report showing a gain this year of $6,816.51.  The gain resulted primarily from approximately $4,600 in STaC income and $2,775 in Grass Roots Income.  Some of the STaC will be reimbursed to the Units.  She pointed out that the Reserve Fund for GNT continues to grow because teams from District 15 do not attend the National Finals.


Warren Smith presented the present status of the GNT and NAP games.  A discussion was held regarding scheduling of the District Finals for both these events.  Henry Robin stated that Tulsa was scheduled to host the NAP District Final in November 2019 and there were five continuous weekends of tournaments sanctioned for November, including the San Francisco NABC starting the last weekend in November. Unless one or more of the District 15 tournaments are rescheduled, Tulsa is not willing to host the District Finals in November 2019.  Phyllis pointed out that ACBL is very concerned that the District Finals of the GNT be held as early as possible so that winning finalists will be able to secure hotel rooms at the tournament site of the NABC’s.  It was pointed out that the District 15 Conditions of Contest for the upcoming NAP games needed to be finalized, but no action was taken.

A committee comprised of Gloria Smith, Henry Robin and Susan Urich presented their report on District 15 Tournament Scheduling Guidelines.  The following recommendations were presented and approved unanimously by the board.

  1. Though Units control the dates of sectional tournaments, the Board recommends that Units not schedule sectional tournaments the week before or after a District-wide event (Regional, STaC, NAP or GNT final.)
  2. Tournament sanctions must be obtained prior to signing contracts/making a deposit on a venue.
  3. Regionals should be sanctioned 4 years in advance and Sectionals 2 years in advance.
  4. Regional Tournament Scheduling – Spring: March-April; Summer:  June-July; Fall – September-October; Winter:
  5. It is recommended that no Sectionals be scheduled during NABC’s.
  6. District 15 will schedule STaCs annually in February and December.

Units are allowed to schedule their own STaC – Subject to approval by the District 15 STac Coordinator.

Units are allowed to join STaCs in other Districts, subject to approval by that District and the District 15 STaC Coordinator.

Additional STaCs cannot be during any other District 15 sponsored event.

Warren Smith also reported on STaCs as Gloria Smith, STaC Coordinator, was unable to attend.  He reported that two clubs were not paying their fees for holding STaC’s to the District and was informed that the funds would be withheld from the rebate to the Units where these clubs were located and it would be the Unit’s responsibility to collect the fees from their local club.

A discussion of the District 15 Website followed.  Susan Urich requested that the rotation for Regionals and I/N Regionals be put on the website.  Mel Volmert urged everyone to provide content to our Webmaster, Michael Hughes, so that the website will have up- to- date news and reports to increase readership by our members.   Mel Volmert noted that Bridge Web is an excellent service for a District web page at a cost of approximately $160/year and suggested that the District look into using this service.

Len Fettig reported on the Grass Roots Fund.  He suggested better communication to the units in order to foster more entries at the club, unit and district levels which would also increase the amount of funds to provide subsidies to those going to the National finals.  He felt that the amount the District receives in Grass Roots Funds should not be used to subsidize only those who attend the National finals, but instead should be used to increase participation at the club, unit and District level.  There were no specific recommendations given on how this could be done.

Motion was made, seconded and carried unanimously that at total of $4,000 be allocated between the winning teams in each of the four Flights who attend the National Finals of the GNT.  If only one team attends, then the maximum amount to be given to that one team will be $2.000 with the remaining $2,000 to be held in the Reserve Fund for GNT.

Phyllis Harlan, District 15 Representative to the ACBL Board, presented a report on the Philadelphia ACBL Board meetings, a copy of which is attached to these minutes.

Len Fettig has previously emailed to board members his thoughts on the Board’s role in Regional Tournaments.  He was very critical of the Tulsa Unit for their handling of the last Tulsa Regional.  He stated at this meeting that he was not fully aware of the facts when he wrote the letter and he now felt the Tulsa Unit had done a very good job with their tournament.

An election for officers of District 15 was held.  Dr. James A Masilamani was elected President, Alan Hierseman, Vice President, and Henry Robin, Secretary/Treasurer.

A motion was made, seconded and carried unanimously that James A. Masilamani, President, and Henry Robin, Secretary/Treasurer, be authorized to sign checks and maintain control of the checking and savings accounts of the organization at the Bank of America and the Certificate of Deposit of the Reserve Fund for the District 15 NABC held at The Peoples Bank and Trust Co.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 11:35  a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis J. Harlan

Secretary/Treasurer District 15 ACBL