December 28, 2015 Overland Park

Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center 6100 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66211 Monday,
December 28th, 2015

Board members saw Susan Urich to obtain a voucher for Breakfast. We went through the buffet, then proceeded to the room for our meeting.

Henry called the meeting to order at 9:07

Voting Board Members attending:
Unit 131 Jeanie Brown, Dee Johnston, Susan Urich Unit
132 Dolores Crissman alternate for Mary Hembree, Sandra Jo Hager alternate for Ardy
Unit 158 Henry Robin, Marilyn LaFleur
Unit 234 James Masilamani, Jerry Sloan

National Board Members: Phyllis Harlan, Linda Eakes (also Spring 2017 NABC Chairman) Past Presidents: Marti Malcolm (also STac coordinator}

Non-Voting Members attending:
Board of Governors Bill Harlan, Vicki Muir Unit 131 Gloria Smith, Webmaster Michael Hughes, 2017 Spring NABC Committee Members: Gregory Jecker, Larry Gibbons, Pat Moon

Introductions were made and Phyllis Harlan introduced National Board of Directors Committee member Russ Jones. He is the District 10 representative. He serves on many committees and works very hard for bridge. He gave an insightful speech into the workings of the ACBL.

The minutes from Wichita were approved with changes. A copy of the new wording for the Steve Goodman motion was approved. An accounting of Unit Assessments is needed. $2.00 per person was assessed based on Dec. 2014 numbers.

The presentation of the revised tournament report on the Oklahoma City Regional 2015 was moved to next meeting.

The Wichita 2015 tournament report was approved. Highlights included increased
attendance. Gloria Smith said even though pre-registration was stressed, not everyone used the cards in the casino and Wichita had to pay for the game space. Communication to the players on the benefits to the local unit should be improved.
Marilyn LaFleur gave the District Financial Report. ACBL District 15 – Balance Sheet as of Dec. 1, 2015

Checking $6,800.34
Savings $21,683.28
Total Assets $28,483.62

Reserved Funds for NAP $2,440.83
Reserved Funds for GNT $8,258.39
Total Liabilities $10,699.22

Beginning Balance $21,731.65
Net Profit (Loss)9/30/15-12/1/15 ($3,947.25)
Total Net Worth $17,784.40


After discussion about interest earned on savings and why we use Bank of America a motion to approve was made seconded and passed.

Henry reported a need for better tournament coordination. Continuity improved on regionals, assistance for tournament chairmen, communication to the webmaster, and reporting were mentioned as possible areas for the coordinator to be familiar with. Phyllis Harlan reinforced Henry comments and expressed that the position was a resource for the units. Susan Urich will be the coordinator. She is uniquely qualified having run many tournaments and assisted with others. Motion was made, seconded and approved. Representatives should inform their unit tournament chairmen and have them contact Susan for assistance and further information.

Denver Fall National Board meeting report was given by Phyllis Harlan.
Denver was beautiful in the snow which didn’t deter people from attending with almost 8900 tables in attendance.
Our new president is Ken Monzingo from San Diego CA. He is planning to attend the Oklahoma City Regional in May and I invite all of you to come and meet him. He is a great guy and grew up in Altus so he is our kind of guy.
In the Automatic Review/Appeal concerning Mike Passell, ACBL the Committee upheld the Ethical Oversight Committee’s finding of guilt and amended the discipline to a two- week suspension beginning December 20, 2015 and removal of the masterpoints won in the event in question from all members of Mr. Passell’s team.
The CDR was amended to tighten up the rules on cheating. See full minutes on ACBL website. Clubs which have a sanctioned limited masterpoint or invitational game may not declare these games open in order to participate in a STaC.
The limited masterpoint or invitation games may play in a STaC but they will be grouped with like (all invitational together, similar masterpoint limits) clubs.
A complete list of marketing materials to assist clubs, units, districts and teachers in member recruitment and member services will be published on the ACBL website.
A complicated motion involving Sectional and Regional Strat/Flight Upper Masterpoints Limits was passed. For those of you involved in running tournaments and setting the event schedule please carefully read the Denver minutes under Conditions of Contest Item 153-20 Allowable Strats.
Regarding NAP Flight C games – When there is a separate Non-LM qualifying game, the Club may choose its own stratification levels. Only those players placing in the top strat will be eligible to qualify and go on to the unit round.
Effective April 1st, all regional and sectional fees are increased by approximately 2%; STaC fees are increased by approximately 3%; the open sectional surcharge is increased by approximately 9%; and, TD session fees are increased by approximately 9%. The $1.25 club game fee is rescinded and the club per table fee is increased by approximately by 11%; and the short game (12-17 boards) per table fee is increased by approximately 6%.
STaCs and all unit and special games held at clubs will now be subject to the per table fee.
The NABC team screen table surcharge is rescinded and NABC+ entry fees are increased by 15%, effective at the Summer 2016 NABC.
It is now mandatory that there will be a $4.00 surcharge at all tournaments for non-members, except for charity events or events limited to players with fewer than 20 masterpoints: This surcharge formerly was retained by the tournament sponsors but will now be payable to ACBL .
Full minutes are available on the ACBL website. Respectfully submitted Phyllis Harlan.

Henry substituted for Phil Rea. He passed out GNT information. The discussion about schedule and tournaments over scheduling certain parts of the year while some months have vacancies continues to search for an agreeable solution. The NLM Regional schedule was suggested. Wichita has one in Sept. to be held in conjunction with a sectional. One was offered to Bella Vista and Tulsa.

Marti Malcolm gave the report on the Dec. STaC. The total income shared with District 14 was $3000.00. With the increase of fees to the ACBL a request was made to raise the table fees. A motion to raise the fees to $9.00 a table beginning with the Feb. 2016 STaC was made, seconded and carried.

To ensure that GNT/NAP participants are receiving money for participating, a motion was made to have participants bill the District with proof of attendance after the event. An exception could be made for hardship. It was seconded and carried.

Webmaster Michael Hughes discussed his position and handed out information on the website. We are getting approximately 100 hits per day. Concern was expressed about the lack of fresh content. He runs 3 different websites. It takes around 300 hours a year.

It was brought to the attention of the Board that all but Unit 247 have paid their assessment. Questions were raised about what sanctions if any the Board can make. Phyllis will check and let the appropriate persons know.

Greg and Larry addressed the tournament sponsorship levels and requirements.

Kansas City will host the Spring North American Bridge Championship (NABC) March 9-19, 2017, at the Westin Crown Center and Sheraton hotels.

Our tournament theme of “Building Better Minds through Bridge” recognizes the educational qualities of the game, our teachers, our mentors, and our partners (friendships) formed while playing the game. The following benefits can be attributed to playing bridge regardless of age:
· Applying deductive and inductive reasoning.
· Developing math and analytical thinking skills.
· Enhancing logic and cognitive thought.
· Utilizing time management skills in planning and completing complex tasks.
· Developing and adapting interpersonal skills within a cooperative group.
· Increasing self-esteem and promoting continuous learning.
Test scores across the nation show that children benefiting from these types of programs do better than their peers not participating in similar programs.

We are seeking corporate sponsors looking for the chance to capture a relatively untapped market with proven buying power and who will be interested in learning about the NABC being held in Kansas City March 2017. Corporate sponsors have wonderful opportunities to capture the attention of this affluent market by participating in a number of creative, affordable promotions, such as:

Corporate Tournament Sponsor $10,000 – $25,000 Sponsor(s) may promote their company or products by sponsoring the tournament. The official “schedule of events” is published in the ACBL Bulletin (170,000 members) several months before the tournament. This is read by the entire ACBL membership. The “Daily Bulletin” is printed during the eleven days of NABC tournament will feature the tournament sponsor. Special promotional space will be provided in these publications before and during the tournament. Please forward names of potential Tournament Sponsors to our Committee that we can contact. We would like to include key contacts from the unit when contacting potential sponsors at this level.
· Corporate Event Sponsors. Sponsors may promote their company or products by sponsoring a tournament event at various levels. Sponsors will be given choice of events to be named based on financial commitment to sponsor an event. This is open to the District.
· Gold Level Sponsorship (Day) – $1,000
· (With an option for additional day @$500.00/day)
· Silver Level Sponsorship (Two-session Event) – $400 Bronze Level Sponsorship (Single session Event) – $100

Corporate Give-Away via the Registration Desk – $300 Everybody registers at a bridge tournament in order to get the gift that the Host City always provides. ACBL will require our committee to support additional items in registration bag.

Featured Restaurant $250 (limited to sixteen) The Greater Chamber of Commerce will provide a restaurant guide at the Information Desk. ACBL will require our committed to define or provide promotional materials.
· NABC Spring 2017 National Raffle Sponsors can donate services or products for our Spring NABC raffle which allows all bridge players to raise funds and promote the tournament. Those who participate in the drawing have an opportunity to be a winner. Based on appeal and or volume of items.
· National Raffle – open to ACBL membership.
· Unit Raffle or Silent Auction – open to unit.

Unit NABC 2017 Fund Raising Committee Volunteer: We hope to have volunteer from all the units and become committee members as sponsorship activities begin. We will need contact information. It would be great to have a local contact help call on sponsors that they know to help enhance our response in creating sponsors.

If you are interested in promoting your corporation or services, please contact Gregory Jecker at (913-645-0977) or e-mail; Linda Fell at (913-484-8373) or email; Nancy Trager at (816-225-4599) or email; or Larry Gibbons at (816-833-1562).

Marilyn Davis will be in charge of volunteers. It has been suggested that each Unit will provide volunteers for a day. Involving everyone will increase attendance at regionals in the future.

It was brought up that a board member was less than pleased at the December meeting. Suggestion was to have meeting online. There was a failure to make a motion, so no action was taken.

Slate of Officers:
Next 2-year rotation Mel Vorlmert Springfield President Lawrence KS VP to be announced

Next meeting at OKC (Midwest City) Sat. May 14 9:00 AM Meeting adjourned.