June 18, 2015 Tulsa

Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center 6808 S 107th East Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74133 Thursday, June 18, 2015

BREAKFAST was held at 8:30 am Henry called the meeting to order at. 8:55

Rosters were passed around for attendance and updates.
Voting Board Members attending were:
Unit 101 Mel Volmert
Unit 131 Jeanie Brown, Dee Johnston, Steve Goodman, Susan Urich
Unit 132
Unit 158 Henry Robin, Marilyn LaFleur
Unit 167 Shelba Parmley Justine Thompson, Linda Hughes
Unit 234 James Masilamani
Unit 247 Len Fettig

National Board Members: Phyllis Harlan, Phil Rea (also GNT, NAP & Tournament coordinator) Linda Eakes (also NABC Spring 2017 Chairman) Past Presidents: Barbara Whittlesey, Greg Burton, Marti Malcolm (also STaC Coordinator)

Non-Voting Members attending were:
Board of Governors: Bill Harlan, Judy Rea, Unit 131 sub Lynne Wenski Unit 247,Linda McRay

Discussion of the May minutes before approval included that Linda Eakes is not a past president and that the money from the Nationals returned to the units will include the profit but not the interest which will be kept by the district as seed money. Minutes approved.

Tournament Coordinator Phil Rea reported no new issues. Current issues include all the known schedules are updated; however, the website has been not updated. You can log onto the ACBL website at Tournaments if you want to check for changes and updates. . A request was made for the regionals to space out throughout the year. Tournaments following each other too closely could hurt both of the tournaments attendance. If attendance continues to wane the District will need to cutback the number of tournaments. KC is always held on the holidays. Benefits of IN tournaments and types of IN tournaments were discussed, including a regional combined with a sectional. OKC has been scheduled in May because site is connected with a college. They won’t know until after 2016 if a change is possible. A suggestion was made that the district publicizes all tournaments in the Bulletin in a single ad.

The Webmaster is recovering from surgery, so no report was given. Marketing continues to examine district tournament problems.

Education needs to be encouraged at all sites and levels. Even Units with a teaching program are experiencing net player loss. KC has a teaching month utilizing Test Drive Duplicate Bridge. A resource center is available on the ACBL website. Topics include How to Teach Bridge in a Day and Social bridge player’s transition to Duplicate.

District Officers rotations and length of term were discussed. A treasurer who serves a longer term could be more productive because the learning curve is reduced. Of the 8 units; Springfield, KC, OKC, Wichita, and Tulsa are currently in presidential rotation. Amarillo, Lawrence and Arkansas are not in rotation.

The district received a letter about Online Robot Games. Phyllis explained this controversy is being looked at on the National level. Online games are a big source of income. Approximately 1 million tables play a year at 52 cents a table. The District does not need to address this issue.

Many more questions have surfaced about the 2017 Kansas City Nationals. Linda Eakes answered some and more are expected to be answered in August when Robert Hartman will attend the KC board meeting. Jeannie will send an email with details for those who wish to attend. Concerns about money were addressed. We can request funds for a specific purpose is needed ahead of the normal release time. The Spring 2017 National Committee is in control of all money, donated or raised by tournament surcharge.

Next Meeting will be at Wichita on Oct. 3 with breakfast at 8:30 am and meeting at 9:00 am.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 am.