JUNE 23, 2018 TOPEKA, KS



JUNE 23, 2018

Breakfast was served at 8:30 a.m. and President Jim Masilamani called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Voting members present: Past District President Mel Volmert (Unit 101), Vice President Alan Hierseman (131), Carl Shipley (sub for Robert Weaver – 131), Ardy Alexander (132), Mary Hembree (132), Marilyn LaFleur (158), Secretary/Treasurer Henry Robin (158), Karen Cox (sub for Elaine Isenbart – 167), Linda Hughes (167), Joan Thorne (167), President Jim Masilamani (234), Jerry Sloan (234).

Voting members absent: Rick Giles (101), Jeanie Brown (131), Richard Jones (131), Bob Dray (247), Kevin Glasgow (247), National Board Member Phyllis Harlan.

Others present: Jim Hammond (guest – 167), Gloria Smith (STaC Coordinator), Warren Smith (Board of Governors, GNT/NAP Coordinator), Susan Urich (Tournament Coordinator).

It was determined that a quorum was present. The minutes of the meeting held in Oklahoma City were discussed.

Prior to the meeting, Len Fettig had communicated by email to the members of the Board several suggested corrections to the draft minutes of the OKC meeting. Since Len could not be present at the meeting, he had asked Warren Smith to present these corrections. Warren was recognized for this purpose. Len’s main points were:

  1. Len provided more details of his criticism on the way the 2017 Tulsa regional tournament had been run including the fact that some of these criticisms had been based on incorrect and inaccurate information which he had received. He re-iterated his withdrawal of these criticisms. The membership, including several who had been present at the OKC meeting, felt that the minutes were a fair and accurate representation of his remarks as actually delivered by him at the OKC meeting and that no further correction of the minutes were needed in this regard.
  2. Len pointed out that the OKC minutes omitted the thanks to Mel Volmert for his service as District President for two years. The membership agreed that this statement was omitted.

The minutes were amended to include the statement thanking Mel Volmert for his service as District President. The amended minutes were approved.

A motion to change future minutes to report attendees as voting members present (with substitutes indicated), voting members absent, all others present was approved.

The Wichita (Mulvane) Regional report was presented which showed attendance of 741 tables and a profit of $1380.38. The report was approved.

The Oklahoma City Regional report was presented which showed attendance of 676.5 tables and a profit of $2179.61. The report was approved.

A discussion followed about the District guidelines for Player Amenities. While the Board has a guideline of 30-35%, everyone was reminded that this is only a guideline.

Henry Robin presented the District 15 Financial report showing a gain of $57.63 since the beginning of President Masilamani’s term. The report was approved.

Susan Urich presented an updated District 15 calendar. She mentioned a scheduling issue with the Topeka 2020 Regional due to the Coralville, Iowa Regional having previously been sanctioned for the same weekend. The Board was reminded that it is best to have Regionals sanctioned 5 years in advance and Sectionals 2 years in advance to avoid such scheduling conflicts.

Warren Smith presented a proposal from the committee (Warren Smith, Henry Robin, and Susan Urich) formed at the last District Board meeting to review the current District GNT scheduling and fee structure. The committee recommended reducing the buy in to $2 for the Unit finals (for any player that did not play in a club qualifying game) and to $5 for the District finals (for any player that did not play in a Unit final game). The committee also recommended changing the schedule as follows: Club games to be held September thru December, Unit finals to be held in January or February, and the District final to be held in March or April at the Oklahoma City Regional. A motion to adopt the committee’s recommendations was approved.

Warren reported that the 2018 GNT District finals had 2 teams enter the Championship flight with 1 withdrawing upon learning that the final would be a single 56 board match. The remaining team did not notify the Coordinator in advance as per the District Conditions of Contest. After a discussion, the Board decided to allow that team to continue on to the National finals provided that there was no conflict with the ACBL National Conditions of Contest. One team entered Flight A so they automatically qualified to advance to the National finals. Five teams entered Flight B, which according to the District Conditions of Contest required a two-day event. At that time, one of the teams withdrew as they were not prepared for a two-day event. With only four teams, the event was changed to only one-day. A motion was made to change the conditions of contest to make all District finals a two-day event if attendance warrants (subject to director discretion).

Warren reported that the NAP has begun with club qualifying games occurring now through August.

Gloria Smith reported that there are two STaCs held per year and that we are no longer holding them in conjunction with District 14. She reported that a couple clubs have not paid the fees for the STaC held in Jan/Feb and reminded the Board that any monies due the District would be subtracted from Unit payments. She also reported that she is looking for a date for Wichita and Tulsa to join another district. Linda Hughes asked about Unit payments and Gloria said she would provide the information to Henry so the Unit checks could be sent.

Mel Volmert reminded everyone about bridgeweb.com as a useful resource for clubs to use.

Jim led a discussion about the District policy on Victory points in Team events. Currently, the District 15 policy is to use the 30-point scale. Jim pointed out that District 15 was in a minority of ACBL Districts which used a 30-point scale. A 20-point scale tended to reduce the differences in point totals between the various teams resulting in a situation where a larger number of teams were in contention for the top places in the event. After a discussion, a motion was made to require all District Regionals use the 20-point scale and to encourage the same scale be used in Sectionals. The motion was approved.

Jim discussed Web movements in Pair events. This movement allows all pairs to play the same boards but does require duplication of additional sets of boards as either two or three sets of boards are used depending on the number of tables in play. As a result, there will be an increased amount of money spent in preparing the extra number of boards. Also, not all directors are comfortable running web movements, late arriving pairs cannot be accommodated, and there is no margin for error in the setup of the game. The ability to have all boards played by all pairs (provided there is no phantom pair) creates a fairer game for the players and the Board encourages using Web movements when appropriate.

Susan reported that the ACBL is working on guidelines based on table count for tournament schedules. She will gather information and report to the Board at a later date.

Jim reminded Units to report any changes in their representatives to the District President and Secretary/Treasurer.

Alan led a discussion about some pair games at recent Regionals with only 24 boards per session instead of either 26 or 27.

The next District Board meeting was scheduled for Friday, October 12 at the Springfield Regional.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Henry Robin

Secretary/Treasurer District 15 ACBL