May 2, 2015 Oklahoma City

Crowne Plaza 2945 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Saturday, May 2nd, 2015



Henry called the meeting to order at 9:14 A.M.

Rosters were passed around for attendance and updates.
Voting Board Members attending were:
Unit 101 Mel Volmert
Unit 131 Jeanie Brown, Dee Johnston, Steve Goodman, Susan Urich
Unit 132 Mary Hembree, Peggy Mitchell, Ardy Alexander (Guest)
Unit 158 Henry Robin, Marilyn LaFleur
Unit 167 Shelba Parmley Justine Thompson, Linda Hughes
Unit 234 James Masilamani,
Unit 247 Len Fettig

National Board Member: Phyllis Harlan,
GNT, NAP & Tournament coordinator: Phil Rea
Past President & STaC Coordinator: Marti Malcolm Past President & NABC Spring 2017 Chairman: Linda Eakes
Past President: Warren Smith, Steve Drumhiller, Barbara Whittlesey Greg Burton

Non-Voting Members attending were:

Board of Governors: Bill Harlan, Judy Rea

Minutes from the last meeting (Kansas City) were amended to clarify the location of the $20,000 account (change National to Unit 131 as the source is unclear) and to correct a spelling error. Moved seconded and carried.

Financial Reports:
· Amarillo Regional August 2014 monies are in
· Lawrence Regional August 2014 monies are in
Kansas City Regional December 2014 reported by Susan Urich She explained that it is less expensive if caddy duplicate boards instead of the Directors.

A discussion was held whether all board presentations should be sent by electronically before the board meeting. Phyllis doesn’t think figures should go on website. Sending financials to board members before meetings would not always reflect money not in but not yet accepted or applied to appropriate account.

· District Treasurer will transfer the $10.00 discrepancy into the general fund before next meeting.

Tax Return will be filed at the end of the fiscal year. (June 30) Greg Burton explained that the audit applies reasonableness to checks and income procedures. We receive tournament reports from the ACBL. Financials were approved.

National Board of Directors Report: Full report available on ACBL website.

STAC Report: Membership game for nationals will be in Oct. It is one week in clubs, sectional points, but no district overalls. Marti and Steve will work out the conflict with the Wichita Regional and dates will be announced soon.

NAP Report: Phil Rea asked for a refund for Amarillo. He suggested that there be a larger distribution of funds to representatives. The grass roots money to go to the NAP. Currently the outgo sometimes exceeds the income. The Conditions of Contest for the 2016 NAP will be on posted on the District website.

Tournament Coordinator Report: Everyone has secured dates though 2017. The 2018 NAP dates in fall and GNT dates in May/June need to be decided. Beginning in 2015, the district can hold one NLM regional with side sectional. It pays 10% gold. A certified director is required.

OKC or KC would like to hold one in 2015. Wichita will hold the 2016 tournament. A rotation will be created for future years.

District Webmaster: Michael Hughes in KC is the new District Webmaster.

Marketing Committee: We have set up several different Email blasts that we can send from the District 15 email. It can include info from flyers. Linda Goersch from the Tulsa regional had several press releases after OKC. The ACBL has a new online partnership that can be accessed from My ACBL or tournaments on the website.

2017 Kansas City Nationals: As of April 1, Linda Eakes has graciously consented to replace Steve Crutcher as the 2017 Spring NABC chair. The district board wishes blessings on co-chairs Marti Malcolm, Susan Urich, and Vicki Muir whose daughter designed the National Banner. The committee is following ACBL workbook as to dates, monies, gifts, sponsorships and related business. The $4.00 per table that was previously approved can be absorbed or added to entry. Tulsa will raise entries $1.00 on Sat and $2.00 on Sunday. The only complaints in OKC came from new players. This should raise $20,000 from Regionals.

After discussion as to how much and when the units should be assessed, Steve Goodman moved that there be a 1 time unit assessment. Each unit will pay $2.00 per player based on the unit membership on Dec. 31, 2014. It is to be paid by June 15, 2015. If there is a Profit from the nationals the money will be returned proportionally to units. Phyllis Harlan will get the unit membership numbers. National monies take precedent over regional monies or profits to the units. Len pointed out that for some units a one-time check of $1,000 when the budget per year is $490 is a big hit. Could smaller units arrange to pay half now and rest later or pay by month. It is up to the Units to deal with the resultant problems. Where the money is and comes from. Host unit raises vast majority of funds. A motion was made that profit (after obligation to units) is to be set aside as seed money for future Nationals. District will keep profits in restricted funds for next national. Moved, seconded and carried.

New Business:

Phil Rea will provide name and address records from the GNT and NAP winners to treasurer.

District Officers: Henry Robin (President), Mel Volmert (Vice President), Marilyn LaFleur (Secretary/Treasurer) were re-elected for another year.

The next meeting will be Thursday, June 18, Breakfast at 8:30 and meeting at 9:00 in Tulsa.

The following meeting will be in Wichita TBA