October 3, 2015

Kansas Star Casino – Hampton Inn 777 Kansas Star Drive Mulvane, KS 67110
Saturday, October 3, 2015

Henry Robin called the meeting to order at 8:55AM. He reminded the Board that we are all volunteers. We need to be careful about the written word. It could be taken in a different way than intended and becomes part of the history of District 15.

Voting Board Members attending:
Unit 101 Mel Volmert
Unit 131 Jeanie Brown, Dee Johnston, Steve Goodman, Susan Urich
Unit 132 Mary Hembree, Ardy Alexander
Unit 158 Henry Robin, Marilyn LaFleur
Unit 167 Shelba Parmley,Linda Hughes Unit 234 James Masilamani
Unit 247 Bob Dray

National Board Members: Phyllis Harlan, Phil Rea (also GNT, NAP & Tourn coordinator), Past Presidents: Barbara Whittlesey, Marti Malcolm (also STaC Coordinator) Steve Drumhiller

Non-Voting Members attending:
Board of Governors: Bill Harlan, Judy Rea, Unit 131: Lynne Wenski, Unit 132: Richard Bowman, Charles Wiggens, 2017 Spring NABC Committee Members Gregory Jecker, Lawrence Gibbons

Richard Bowman (Wichita Regional tournament chair) was an engineer with experience in planning conventions. He sent emails urging advance registration. There were approximately 300 advance registrations and 60 at the door. The budget allowed for $8-10,000 profit. Dates have been sanctioned for next regional. The Casino is tracking bridge player play and will deduct a percentage on the hotel bill. Kudos was given to the volunteers. The chairs gave tasks, checked on task, oversaw, and answered questions. They had 550 tables and were hoping for 775 total. Directors were slammed and one was added to staff. Charles and Len emailed targeted regions. David Kopper assisted with technology.

Approval of the minutes of the Tulsa meeting was called for. Several members did not receive the emails. Everyone was asked to check their information on the roster which will be updated. Steve Goodman is cleaning up the resolution explaining monies left over after the nationals in KC. This may become moot as ACBL may dictate usage of funds. Approval of the minutes will be at the next meeting. Motion made, carried and approved with Phyllis Harlan abstaining. This link is to Steve’s recommendation.


Tournament reports from Topeka, OKC, and Tulsa were presented. Topeka and Tulsa were approved. OKC will present a revised report at next meeting.

Several formatting errors occurred in the balance sheet. Corrections noted and will be made. Motion made including corrections, seconded, and approved. A request for print copies was made. Marti Malcolm agreed to check balance sheet if Henry is unavailable before distribution.

ACBL District 15 – Balance Sheet as of Sept. 30, 2015

Checking $9,170.92
Savings $21,682.19
Total Assets $30,853.11

Reserved Funds for NAP $1,151.07
Reserved Funds for GNT $7,970.39
Total Liabilities $9,121.46

Beginning Balance $22,080.85
Net Profit (Loss)12/29/14-4/1/15 ($349.20)
Total Net Worth $21,731.65


Len Fettig requested that the Board consider NW Arkansas for a regional. Unit size indicates that this would be a split regional. Phyllis pointed out that even though we are the smallest district, several are close to us in size. See below.
District Members District boundaries
15 3275 KS, OK, NW AR, SW MO, TX Panhandle
5 3419 Ohio, Western NY, PA
8 3601 IL, N IN, St. Louis
12 3664 S MI, NW Ohio
18 3943 Canada, ID, MT
20 3919 NV, OR, WA
24 3387 Greater NY

The concern that ACBL National Board might redistrict is not being visited at this time. Instead it is recommended that districts develop members and keep interest growing. Average age is 71. They also are considering eliminating split regionals. Our district will be limited to 4 regionals. We will be eligible for 3 under 750 NLM regionals. It was suggested that these be run in conjunction with a sectional. Wichita is scheduled for one of these in 2016. A committee was formed to develop rotation of these NLM regionals and to determine if and where NW Arkansas fits in regional rotation. Phil Rea will chair with Steve Goodman, James Masilamani, and Marilyn LaFleur as members.

Discussion on the STaC included director pay which is 68%. He is not cordial. National Board is looking into doing director fees by table count. Phyllis will take the pay issue to the National Board. Motion to put GNT/NAP money and unit money from STaCs into Spring NABC 2017 account was made, seconded and carried. Phil Rea mentioned he is now getting checks from Robin Harris. Marti advised him of previous problems with Robin’s checks.

Reported was the need to approve NAP subsidy motion made seconded and approved. A motion to keep the same GNT COC also carried. Tulsa will be joining the rotation starting with NAP in 2019. A motion to approve new rotation carried.

The Webmaster was not present. Approved documents will be sent to him for posting.

Len Fettig reported on regionals via email. Len was critical about OKC. OKC responded that they had done some marketing on BBO. Richard Bowman and Charles Wiggens worked hard on turning the Wichita regional around. Len proposed training for tournament chair. KC didn’t know what to say and doesn’t want criticism. KC has emailed to Reno participants and out of state using ACBL blast. They are increasing amenity budget. Donations from players and clubs also increase amenities. Linda Goersch (Tulsa Regional Tournament Chairman) had numerous door prizes every session.

Len commented about the partnership desk. ACBL working on electronic partnership but is still not there. We should target markets, promote in district tournaments and include mileage to tournaments.

Education in Wichita caused a surge in volunteers because the new club and players were fresh volunteers. There will be a seminar in OKC.

Report to District 15 board on Chicago Board meeting by Phyllis Harlan
Chicago was great. The weather was bright sunshine and not too warm. There were 13684.5 tables in play which exceeded the expected attendance of 13,000 tables. Our neighbor Austin, TX was named as the site for the Fall 2021 NABC and we will be returning to ever popular San Francisco for the Fall 2025 NABC.
A motion to limit District Directors to 3 consecutive terms failed. I voted against this measure as I believe the members of a district should have the opportunity to decide who should represent them and for how long.

The definition in the CDR of ACBL officials was broadened to include just about anyone who has any position within ACBL from the chairman of the board down to and including caddies and members of committees of district and units.

The CDR was also amended to reflect that when a Unit has violated ACBL, District and/or their own bylaws or regulations or has failed to act upon a disciplinary matter the matter may be brought directly to the District Disciplinary Committee.

The ACBL Outstanding Employee Award was officially renamed the Jeff Johnston Outstanding Employee Award in honor of Jeff who was most definitely a truly exceptional employee.

Of special interest to the district is a new regulation allowing three limited Regionals per district which may be any of the following: Junior regional, Youth regional, or NonLife Master regional with an upper limit of no more than 750 points). This is effective January 1, 2016.

“Instant Tournaments” were allowed as a format for online games.
A motion to impose a non-member surcharge on STaC games failed 10 to 11 with four abstentions. I voted for this motion.

New rules regarding sectional tournaments were enacted. Basically, a unit must hold a sectional at least every two years. Sectionals are allocated to Units. There are no restrictions as to the number of Sectionals a Unit may conduct. A District has the right of approval for Sectionals conducted by its Units. A Unit must abide by the decision of the District as to how many Sectionals it may run. Other rules regarding duration and frequency of sectionals can be found in the minutes of the Chicago meeting found on the ACBL website.

A lengthy motion regarding allowable strats was deferred until the Denver meeting. If any of you have strong feelings on this, please read the Chicago minutes and give me your thoughts on this matter before the Denver meeting.

Numerous masterpoint motions were passed on the first reading. A second reading will be required before they become final. Please see the Chicago minutes and let me know if you have input on any of these motions.

A motion stating that ACBL would not pay any dues to the WBF and that the representatives to the WBF be appointed by the NBOs was deferred. If anyone has opinions on this, please contact me before the Denver meetings.

Motions dealing with the following were passed. Please see the Chicago minutes on the ACBL website for details.

NAP Conditions of Contest were modified regarding substitutions and or death of a participant. KO Conditions of Contest were amended.

The Handbook for Appeals Committees was amended. It basically strengthened the force of the Director’s ruling.

Electronic devices are now allowed in the playing area but, except for health-related equipment, must be turned off and inoperable. They must not be visible during the session. The restriction applies to anyone in the playing area except ACBL officials. Penalties were listed.

The District President rotation will add Lawrence/Topeka after Springfield. Motion approved.

Discussion on 2017 Kansas City Nationals continued. It was decided that the Promotional game in July that netted $1000 was not worth the time and effort.

Lawrence Gibbons and Greg Jecker are working on fundraising including sponsorship of an NABC event. They plan on stressing education, honoring teachers, carrying through to naming rights. They plan a raffle. A promotion article will start appearing in the Bulletin. Stickers are in the works. Volunteers are being sought. Let Marti Malcolm know if you are interested. Vicki will have samples of registration gifts at Dec. meeting. $5.00 includes shipping and handling.

Money raised is at $15,000 it does not include $10,000.00 from CVB. Hospitality and hotels negotiated by NABC. Money is better spent on food instead of entertainment.
All profits from all STaCs will go to NABC fund. District needs to plan ahead. Everyone needs to be aware of the benefits of a National in our backyard.

Motion carries, 1 opposed on unit/district money split on funds left over from national. This could be moot depending on ACBL.

Len proposed via letter that units consider the following standards for Board membership.

• Shows an intense desire to serve
• Takes pride in his or her work
• Shows a personal commitment to quality
• Reaches out for responsibility
• Does not wait to be told what to do
• Is eager to learn as much as he or she can about their work
• Does what it takes to get the job done
• Focuses on the goals and objectives of the team
• Listens to the needs of the people he or she serves
• Is open to advice on how to improve

We received a solicitation to hold a charity game to support the St. Jo summer high school bridge camp.

Next meeting scheduled for: Kansas City, Monday Dec. 28, 2015 9:00 A.M.